Friday, April 15, 2011


As I have stated previously in a previous post. (I used previous and previously and post because I love alliteration)

As I was saying, like I have said before. I do not like annoying fandoms. I am going to say, just to make this more understandable, that the people that love tumblr are in the tumblr fandom. They are intensely overprotective, (like fans) they are creepily obsessed, (like fans) and bug the shit out of me (like fans). I am going to say this again, but I am a part of many fandoms. But, unlike the people that annoy me, I do not hate people that don't like that certain movie, show, book, site, etc.

This is how my friends look at me when I mention tumblr.
 My problem with the tumblr fandom is that they don't like new people introduced to tumblr. They like to treat the site like a secret club. I don't understand why. I believe because it makes them feel superior because they are a part of something that no one else even knows about.

I also have issues with the actual site, but I shall save those for another post. Here is my tumblr. I put it there as a little rebellion from the tumblr gestapo.

This is a little note after I wrote the original draft:
My friends IRL told me the people in our group that got pissed at me for telling people about tumblr were wrong.


  1. I got a mention!! So awesome!!

  2. I wanted people to know that not all by friends were part of the tumblr gestapo.

  3. Who would get pissed for spreading a site that you like to others? It's like the people who...I dunno, get mad at new fans of a certain band.

    Again, KEEP ON TRUCKIN' woman...keep on bloggin'

  4. It's exactly like that. They treat it like a secret club. They think that new people are going to ruin it. It's a blog site. New people will mean new things. New things are almost always a good thing.