Friday, April 22, 2011

Craig Ferguson

Words can't express my love for this man. If you watch his show, then you know what I mean. He is funny, attractive, and just all around awesome. Well, he also has a fucking robot skeleton. Do you have a robot skeleton? I didn't think so.
Does your Roomba do that?

This man comes on late on weeknights. This means I have to say up and get less precious sleep. When you are a sophomore year girl you need all the sleep you can get. Alas, I don't get to watch near as often as I want to. Damn you sexy man with a robot! Why do you make me loose sleep over you?
Did I also mention he has a fucking horse? 
HE ALSO HAS A SCOTTISH ACCENT! He is the epitome of sex god. I will now leave more pictures to let you gaze at the beauty.
Haters gonna hate.
Put the lotion in the basket.
Break me off a piece of THAT!

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