Sunday, April 17, 2011

Can I Be You

So last night I was with my brother he was re-watching Tron Legacy just for the audio highlights. I watched a little of it with him. At the end under the “Thanks To” part of the credits it thanks the people in “Hall H of Comic Con 2010.”

My brother was there and I knew that it had them thanked before, but I didn’t know why they thanked those people. Paul said they did the crowed chants and sounds during the games scenes. This is what my face looked like.
The moral of the story is that nerds get to do awesome shit. 
 My main problem with the movie, beside the writing, is the "programs." I put the word in quotes because they don't really act like programs because they have emotions and go clubbing and drink and love. They are more human than I think should be allowed. I think this mainly because the ISOs were supposed to be a big deal because they were programs but also human. Because the regular programs are so human-like the ISOs aren't that special anymore. To me the movie was okay.


  1. This is so amazingly nerdy. (Very positive thing in my dictionary) I had no idea. And thank you for bringing that to light, the human-ness of the ISOs. Most people would pay little attention to things like that, because "ohh, shiny and pretty and tight clothing." But you're right. I think it'd be nice to make a futuristic sci-fi movie as a teenager...

    It will happen.

    It must.


  2. I heard from my brother that Tron wasn't that good. But I have yet to see it.
    And since I know you love HP so much, have you gotten the new movie on DVD? I have.

  3. I actually don't own any of the Harry Potter movies. Yeah, I didn't like Tron Legacy that much, but everyone says that the original was a lot better. Thanks Micaela for liking my blog so much. I enjoy your comments.